Monthly Archives: October 2011

Sorry So Late


Thank you, Akira, for that succinct and inspiring comment on my last post. Seriously, though, I know I said I’d write guys. And I’m sorry. I got a little busy for awhile and then a little carried away with the extra time on my hands, and access to ALL ENGLISH CABLE TELEVISION YEAHHHHHHH!

It took me two weeks to find an apartment, 3 weeks to find and purchase a vehicle, 4 weeks before Yosuke arrived at the airport, and it took 2 MONTHS for me to find a job. I’m back in the saddle, teaching workplace ESL for a local non-profit, starting to tomorrow. This past week I have been watching the before-mentioned cable tv guilt-free while I can, hitting “haunted houses,” helping a buddy remodel his backyard, and last week went for a horseback ride up in the mountains. Today I fired a rifle with my dad, had shepherd’s pie at grandma’s and picked up a handmade coffee table from my brother, whom I have been taking care of since I got back- not having me around for the last five years to keep him in line has ruined him! But I’m making up for it.

The cats are now fully acquainted, although Mimi got a cold reception from Norah, who received Mimi’s optimistic, submissive and eager greeting with complete confusion and then disdain. Norah is paying for that now- Mimi dominates so much that Norah won’t sleep on the bed, knowing Mimi will throw accurate neko-punches at her through the comforter until Norah runs away. Mimi eats first, plays first, and gets between Norah and mommy any time she can. (You see, Mimi knew Norah’s smell from her hand-me-down toys while we were in Japan, but Norah did not have that advantage. So, Mimi found Norah and at first sight went into submissive play mode, which didn’t work out well for either of them.)

Sleepy. Miss you guys and all our conversations!