Monthly Archives: April 2011

A month has past


Time has gone by so quickly since the 9.0 earthquake, tsunami, and the start of the Fukushima nuclear fiasco. Its been a crazy month!

Today and yesterday, the tectonic plates under Japan decided to mark the day with more moving and adjusting. A few 5 and 6 pointers (yes, in one day). This morning I woke up to a… wait, let me check the news…  an apparently 6.3 quake throwing things off of shelves. Can’t beat that for motivation to get out of bed!  Actually, yesterday the epicenters were north, near Fukushima so that shaking here felt more like a 3 or 4. But this mornings 6.3 was off the coast of Chiba, where I live. Very close to the Tokyo metropolitan area. I FELT like a good 6.  I don’t like that something that has come so far south, because “the big one” is overdue for the area just outside of Tokyo Bay, which the peninsula of Chiba encircles.  Yes, my area, Tokyo, is overdue for its own 9 pointer. Please check this guy’s explanation.

I wanna go home…

I’m glad I got my cat out of here, for her sake, but I miss her terribly. Since rushing off to home is not an easy decision to make- I have a husband to consider now, and he is not at all spontaneous about life-changing decisions- I try to keep busy by working extra. Admittedly, that’s also to make up for the work I missed in March while I was taking a knee during all the power, aftershock, and radiation chaos. My new online courses have started which kept me very busy yesterday. And finally, we’ve been thinking of adopting another cat, to make things more lively, and so that Norah has someone to practice her new social skills on when we relocate. Yes, a friend for my baby.

I better finish my ninja breakfast, in case an aftershock comes.