8.9 Quake, Aftershocks, and Tidal Waves


No one I know was hurt but there were casualties, the body count is climbing toward 100, a few factories and refineries are on fire, and many more are underwater.  In my neighborhood, the factories have shut down until tomorrow afternoon (as my own company has done), many things flew off of shelves including television sets and in my house, my TV is ok, but the oven took a swan dive off of its cart. Well see if it still works tomorrow. The cat is okay. Lots of books and other things fell over but nothing expensive or irreplaceable has been lost. We might spend the night in the car, but for the moment I am doing guerrilla cooking between aftershocks. Trying to get lots of calories in us in case something worse happens.

For Tokyo the greater danger from an earthquake is not getting crushed, as most buildings are built specifically with resilience in mind, but the spread of fire. Just as I decided that this particular earthquake merited an exit from my apartment, I somehow remembered to shut off the gas. The cat had already dashed under the sofa (don’t need to train them for emergencies I guess) but I was worried about her as I stood outside for the next hour watching my 50 year old concrete building rock around.  There was an aftershock- the first one was a swayer, the second one, or the big aftershock, was a bouncer.

I can’t wait to go home!!!


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  1. Hey Diane.

    So glad you’re safe! What an emotionally upsetting disaster to have to live through.

    I hope the two of you can come back to the USA soon!

    Take care and be safe.

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