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Parents, Be Careful of What You Wish For…


Hi~  I don’t think anyone is reading, but I’m posting something anyway. Something about getting an email from a friend who just started blogging that makes a person want to revisit their own attempt at it. As you can see, its been a loooong while since I’ve been here.

I took on a salaried position, and then quickly found out that although this probably was the best chance for me to try upward movement in the corporate world, the decision to go full time actually contributed more to my decline in well being than any other singular decision I have made in the last 5 years.  And so, I stepped back into my humble place, back to the lesson booth with the best view in the entire company, and reasonably far from the evils of the world’s largest city, as of August.  Good-bye Tokyo Station, hellooo~ again my Mt. Fuji sunsets!

I recently celebrated my 30th birthday. Its the end of an era. I think I did a lot with my 20’s. Good lord, really!  Here’s a quick review: in continuation from my late teens, I strutted my white mohawk and black vinyl everything and in my not so humble opinion, I made the goth style look good for the first couple of years of the decade.  Then I lost the ‘hawk, and went to college, and started re-acquainting myself with pink. I studied Japanese, and lots of other stuff, for three years before taking off to Japan for one. During those 3 years, I had braces on my teeth, and lots of international distractions in the form of people. That’s the best I can say for most of them, though there are a few who are dearer memories than most. After getting my braces taken off,  I tore up Tokyo and met the love of my life, and my now-husband, before going home to graduate, which was harder done than said. I spent a month in the Czech Republic teaching awesome kids in an awesome old village overlooked by an awesome old castle. I stopped in London for a few days on the way and imposed on a 2nd cousin, and I hope to go again, impose on her again, and express my gratitude for both occasions appropriately- for all of my 20’s, and travels, I was perpetually on the dime.  But not now…  I returned to Japan, got married in a wedding dress I made by hand (with significant help from best friend Leah), started teaching, and even tried a salaried job in a foreign country. For the rest of my 20’s, I was a waitress on many occasions, a hospital phone operator, a pizza delivery driver, a bartender, a cocktail waitress, a restaurant hostess, a barista and even tried taking a hobby and turning it to an income…  and failed. But learned a lot.

And finished up my 20’s with what I would call a miracle: Sunday the 28th of November, 2010, was the last day that I will ever work to pay the debts from that decade. Yes, two weeks after my birthday the hard part of paying off all the student loans, signature loans, personal loans from family, was done with. Even my credit cards. Let me tell you, I have never been so excited to see the end of a year than I have this one!  From this point on, all the work goes toward the NOW and the FUTURE. I’ve spent half my life paying for the past, from the moment I bought my Dad’s old ’76 Laguna Chevelle when I was sixteen, to two days ago, every minute of my working life has been spent paying for something beyond my means.

And you know what?  It certainly did build character (but not exactly the kind my parents were hoping for).