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New Year’s Resolutions


This is (in all likeliness) my last full year in Japan. With that realization, I thought, there are a few things I outta do before bugging out. I am glad to be over the hump, closer to leaving than arriving, but…  Maybe I should do something cool while I am here.  Actually I have a few sets of resolutions for the different areas of my life: health, money, personal development.  I won’t go into the first two so much, well, maybe at the end of this post if I feel so tempted, but when I started this blog what I wanted to do was include old friends and new friends on the things I am doing to basically keep myself from getting cabin fever.  The larger part of that is my linen pajama project. (Norah is the second-most common character in my blog, but that’s because I found her around the same time that I started blogging.)

Surprisingly over the holiday I somehow managed to NOT lay a finger on any of my linen projects.  Before the onset of the holidays, I did manage to make an M/L (at least I think its M/L- I made it roomy just in case, and it may actually be an L). But I haven’t made any move to embroider it.  I will though!

Upon returning to work, I was lucky that some coworkers approached me for some pajamas.  So, I have some real work to do!  So my Lovely In Linen New Year’s Resolutions:

1. Get sewing. Make one item/set per week.

2. Join a Team on Etsy. I am now trying to find one that will motivate me to be more involved in Etsy and network with people who like stuff that I do.

3. Keep up on the Forums on Etsy, and try to comment instead of lurk. I lurk a lot.

4. Make Treasuries twice a month.  Actually I’d like to do more, but it can be tough to get a Treasury spot!

So that seems like enough to try and be resolute about. I hope to do waaaay more of course.  Additionally, outside of Lovely In Linen, I want to add to my joys in life.  I love movies and I love internet, and even video games (waiting for the English version of Final Fantasy 13 to come out as I watch Yo play it). But being inside in this rather small apartment all day is making me feel a little…  frumpy.  I need to get out more, for things not related to work or grocery shopping.  So I thought these two things would be something to try this year:

1. Join the gym at the station for the swimming pool.  I like swimming- Scorpio (that’s me) is a water sign, and I do love water! If I could swim a couple times a week, I think I’d be happy as a happy fish. This also crosses over into my health resolutions.


Girls Can Do It TOO~~~! Keeping the photo of the guy to myself though ;-

2. Taiko drumming!  This is something I am only considering, because I am a little shy and not really confident with my Japanese communication skills, and most definitely the teacher will not speak English and I would most likely be the only non-Japanese person in the class.  Most classes are once a week.  I want to learn something really *Japanese* before I go back to the US, and ikebana (flower arrangement), sado (tea ceremony) and koto (floor guitar) just seem a little not cool.  But I like big drums and the sound they make, and that its really physical and I would get to HIT something- talk about real stress relief!

The downside of wanting to do these things is that its going to cost me roughly $200 a month to do both. Hmm. Better get to work on these PJs!

And I am off to do just that!  Big hugs all around~

Love, Diane