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A New Header for My Blog…


One of those harder-than-it-looks poses I mentioned in the last post

…a preview of what is to come! I got the photos back from Tania today and they were great! My only regret is that I did not have another design ready to include while she was here.  Right now I am in the process of getting my Etsy banner and avatars squared away, and hopefully ready to go this week.  Hopefully, no promises now!!  Once those are done, I am almost ready to send my business card request to  I am hoping to use the banner from my shop on that.  And finally, I am going to do my best to have coordinating address/shipping labels- for a nice professional touch, though I expect that to take a bit longer.

Tomorrow, hopefully, I will finally have a moment again that I may actually make some pajamas!  I have decided to lengthen my original design just a bit for the S/M. I still have to adjust the pattern for M/L and for guys- I made some shorts for Yo but they are a bit low in the belly for his liking (but I think its hot!).  I want to have one set of jammies already made for sale.  And, did I mention already that I have fabric tags with my brand and washing instructions all done up and ready to go???  I can’t wait to make a set with TAGS!!  I stop here with the full intention of posting more tomorrow!

Oh one more thing- if anyone reads me via RSS feed, I was experimenting with making sections in my blog a couple days ago… so if you got a weird post about my cat, umm, well let’s just say I unposted it for now because ONE, I can’t figure out how to make a full section of just one category of posts and not the others, and TWO, I haven’t quite got my groove with the cat post style yet and I just was not impressed with the post at all.  So, please forgive me if you saw it (><)V




Photo Shoot!


I woke up this morning to the sound of rain, but I couldn’t actually pull myself out of bed for a couple of hours. Towards the end, I groggily thought, If I hear thunder, I’m totally getting out of bed… Not 5 minutes later I could hear it- at least I thought I did. So I got up and opened all of the windows to air out the apartment. Not one rumble of thunder since- maybe it was industrial something and I just thought it was thunder. Either way, I’m up, listening to rain, breathing fresh rainy air, enjoying my tea with sugar and soymilk, and bran flakes with non-fat yogurt.  I’ve got a grapefruit and some prunes to bust into later.

The Rainy Forest

What I see from my window on a rainy fall day.

Lately I’ve been thinking about the coming New Year and consequently the resolutions many of us try to make. A year ago, I promised myself I would not PAY for McDonald’s or instant ramen noodles. I think it worked out beautifully- I did not feel deprived at all, but I only got McD’s 4 times this whole year and instant noodles, 3.  I am sure I ate a lot of other imperfect junk but it felt good to avoid things that really aren’t necessary. So THIS year, what’s next? A coworker of mine, Tania, who will be introduced momentarily, often has various dried fruit that she munches on in the breakroom. Wild blueberries, some kind of little red seed looking thing, and FIGS, for the love of all things wonderful, she brings dried figs to work. My dad loves Fig Newtons, and shared them with me until I, too, began to like them to excess- and so for my health (rather I think out of stinginess) he hid them from me whenever he had them.  And now here, I had a chance to try a real dried fig and I loved it (^^).  I think maybe this New Year, I will try to work out a similar detour away from processed sweets like chocolate, pudding, and non-celebratory cakes. I’m going to try to get more fruit into my daily routine.  The year of the fruit. Yeah.

Onward to pajama things!  I am very fortunate to have a lovely coworker in my English school who is also a photographer- a fashion photographer if I am not completely mistaken, who had kindly agreed to help me out with getting shots of my pajamas.  Tania came over yesterday morning and went all out on getting good shots of my precious creation. I had to model them too, but requested my head be left out of the picture as much as possible. I am not physically flexible or creative with posing, so I can’t say it was my cup of tea, modeling. I do have a better understanding that all those weird poses and not so weird poses can be uncomfortable, and held for a long time. Okay, so they actually do earn their keep. I learned a couple things I think from watching and listening to Tania as she worked. I am positive I won’t ever reach her level of photography skills, but I think maybe I could get Yosuke to pose for the mens pajama bottoms, maybe, and perhaps be somewhat satisfied with the result, even with my little digital pocket camera.  This is important because as much as I would love to visit at home and work on photos with Tania every week (^^), she actually has a life and what seems like a busy schedule, plus she’s twitterpated with her guy too.  Even though I have a more charming cat than him!


Warrior Street Princess, Norah-chan! Nya~~!

The photos should be up next week- I am afraid these are the only product I have at the moment to photograph, and they are extremely time consuming to make and I am afraid of how that is going to work out. Its already a late start for the Christmas season on Etsy.  Plus, I am not sure how long it will take me to pump a set out if I focus on it- one week? With all of this embroidery…  And then the pricing- the work makes this set possibly the most expensive I will ever have in my shop.  At a time like this, I am afraid a fair price (on my end) will not look appealing.  *Sigh*.

I’m off to enjoy this blustery rainy day- next to the window with a kitty and a cup of tea.

Lots of love!!


Ohh, Another Twit


Just so we are clear, I know they are called ‘tweets’. I just like this word better and it seems to convey the nuttiness of people just electronically shouting out every random thing that comes to mind. Anyway.

Last night went to the Japan Series Baseball game at Tokyo Dome with Yo, because his favorite team is in the game- the Fighters. We lost unfortunately. Oh, and George W threw the first pitch. Lots of police and searching, but for some reason they did not scan me or dig around in my purse like everyone else. The blue eyes, again?

Well today is a very busy day, so a shortened post. Poor Norah wants some lovin’, but she will have to live without it for today. I have Yo’s and Tania’s pajamas to finish up, and a TON of cleaning to do before she gets here tomorrow with her camera.

Starting to get cold out.

Lots of love!!