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Big News on the Linen Pajamas!


Please tell me one thing that could be more boring than a blogger who doesn’t blog?  I can’t think of anything.  Sorry guys.

I think it was because I felt like I had not made any good progress with anything that I was hoping to blog about.  Work is a different story but if you would refer to my About section, you might be reminded that work is something I hope not to focus on here. Suffice it to say that I think for a least a couple months I shouldn’t be as stressed about it, and that is good news.

But today I make a post! Why? Fluffs up just a little with a closed eyes and a smug look of triumph. Well, I’ll more than tell you, I’ll show you:


100% Linen- even the applique and the embroidery thread.

Oh yes… that is exactly what you think it is- me- just out of the shower and red-faced, modeling my JUST finished prototype set of embroidered linen pajamas!  Whoo-hoo!  Those are Daria’s handmade slippers down there (see LaLaShoes at right).  I knew the moment I saw her slippers they would work like magic with what I envisioned- and this proves it! Anyway, next step, besides making more of course, is getting decent photos taken for Etsy.  I was hoping to do it this week but obviously didn’t make it in time.

This particular design needs some improvements, but will have to be a limited edition because it takes so, so long to make it. I have a simpler design in my head, same cuts different colors. Much different approach to the embellishing.  I need a one-piece finished edge image. Or just a running stitch outline of an image.

In other news, here is a recent photo of the cat I rescued…


The Great Sofa Adventure

…just before rescuing her again.  It might be possible that she could have gotten herself out on her own, but considering her legs both being dislocated (yes, both now!) I didn’t want to take the chance.  So I got her out and I won’t say how, then we taped up what we think is the only way she could have gotten in there.  Now, back to the both legs dislocated thing- she can run. She can climb a little (mostly with her front legs), she can reach to scratch with one leg, and she can jump down.  But the doc has an x-ray proving she has dislocated both legs.  He thinks that because we found her starving, and refusing to eat at all until he gave her a subcutaneous shot of liquid cat nourishment, her hip bones have not had a chance to grow around to make a proper pocket for the legs to set into. He suggests we feed her well (with the tons of free Science Diet he gave us) and keep her from getting fat, and bring her back in three weeks for her second vaccination shot, and he’ll zap her again and we’ll see what to do about her legs then. And we’ll fix her.

Which brings me to another cat related thing- real quick and I’m done!  She has those three kinks in the tip of her tail. I thought some neighborhood kids might have done that to her. Maybe that’s true, I don’t know. But Yosuke pointed out to me that she is a “mi-ke” colored cat. We say calico in English- though my idea of calico was of the tortie calico my Grandmother in Georgia had. Anyway, if you Google mi-ke neko, you get lots of hits on Japanese Bobtails. Quite rare and pricey in the US of A but no more than a common street cat here in Japan (this kind of puts the American Shorthair that I saw at my local pet store priced at $2000 a couple months ago in perspective, kind of).  I mean, regarded about the same as most people regard pigeons- enough to not touch it, even though we might throw it some food sometimes. Norah (we named her Norah) has the kinked tail and the right coloring and shape and was born in the right place, but her tail is long not bobbed. Darn. Because if she had been bob tailed, I could have registered her easily in Japan or the US. This after referencing both American and Japanese cat clubs websites and sending inquiries. Neat huh?  Anyway.

So there is my news!  I’ll try not to stay away so long.

Lots of Love~



Got My DBA!


Thought that was a blog-worthy and great step in the right direction (^^)v. In other news, the kitty is coming around- growing, having normal bm’s, exploring the apartment, and meowing at the window. Her leg is still in bad shape- looks like her knee joint is weak too, not just her hip recovering from dislocation. She is meowing and fantasizing about jumping onto the sofa without help. Although she looks out the window like she wants to escape (I don’t blame her!), she has taken very well to the litterbox and the cage we keep her in at night and while we are gone working.

Last, I’m ok! Typhoon #18 aka Melor is looking a lot like a windstorm to me. Its calmed down a lot since it started.

Also, got some embroidery done- but I haven’t been focusing on it like a feel I should. So many distractions right now- work is giving me problems, and the kitty… I ordered some more linen and going to try a simpler design in different colors.

Slow Going on the Linen


When it rains, it pours. How true! These past couple of weeks I did a marathon at work and during that time I had a few work-related stresses. Though I would love to be one of those lucky few who make the “Quit Your Day Job” series by MaryMary on Etsy, I do need to hang on to my job until I make a decent number of sales per month to justify quitting, or cutting down on my days. To do that, I know I know, I need to open a shop. Before that even, I need a product!  And mine is not finished yet.  Nope- not yet.

Besides the work related rain, I have the kitty to worry about too.  Seems like she had a much worse time than me these days.  First the lack of appetite, the dislocated leg, general dirtiness of stray cats, the stay with the dogs at the vet, surgery (at which time the doc found two rocks in her stomach in the x-ray), the stress of being held indoors causing diarrhea and violent ear mites, back to the vet for some meds, and now, I think rock #2 has reached the end of the digestive road and will not come out- and she is straining to get anything past it.  I was in tears yesterday wanting to take her in to the vet again but, its “meiwaku” for the doc.  That means, he’d rather not see a feral kitty every day and we should wait until maybe Sunday.  All this compounded by the fact that IF she recovers, we can’t keep her. And I am starting to want to.

Its been hard to relax and just do my own thing in spite of these situations. Today I have a huge gap between bookings at work, so I am going to bring my pajamas. What I have managed in the way of progress is cutting the applique pieces and preparing them for attachment.  I have already started too. I am using an oval shaped hoop from Hardwicke Manor that I purchased from Hedgehog Handworks (at right). It fits up the leg of the pajamas nicely and allows a big enough space to work on.  I even bound the inner rings of both of my hoops with bias tape. I found a tutorial on that at  What a great site for people who need a little guidance.

The beginning of the end!

The beginning of the end!

I have a few things to do- I few more design ideas requires some different linen and threads. I asked a coworker to photograph for me in trade, so I have a special design in mind for her that maybe I can recreate if she’ll model it for me.  My husband is asking where his is, so that will be a men’s line.  Ideas are plentiful but time and energy these days are seriously wanting! Well that’s where I am at.  I hope to have better news next week.  For more on the kitty see the previous post with its comments.

Hi ho, hi ho….